In 2000 I studied Ansel Adams' books and found my first job as an assistant. We still used film and I specialized in B/W development and printing process in the dark room.

In 2002 I attended the "Digital Development and Printing" class at the École National Supérieure de la Photographie of Arles, in France, and got closer to the digital process.

In 2004 I moved to Paris. While working on my Social Studies degree thesis I worked as an intern in one of the city's main photo studios: the Daylight. A year later I moved to the Pin-Up, then finally to the Door Studios. Later I started assisting directly photographers Azim Haidaryan and Nan Goldin.

My beatiful daughter was born in 2011 and I moved back to Rome. I professionally bonded with photographic studio Allucinazione and the production company Mascioni Associati International. For my personal work I collaborate profitably with comunication agencies such as Sartoria, Thinkrea and Snob Production.